Trade shows

Premiere Vision, Paris – Spring/Summer 2015

Premiere Vision the international fashion textile trade show is an absolute power-house of creativity and a guaranteed source of inspiration.

Some key textile directions seen at the show included:


  • textural fabrics with surface interest and tactile handles either through the use of yarns, weave structure or finish.
  • bring more 'light' into fabrics, could be through colour + white, chambray, delave yarns, shadow or ombre colourings
  • everyone was loving the colour yellow!
  • subtle and airy patterns with a charming openness and a minimal refined touch
  • denim continues its influence with very dark indigo and inky blacks


Display & Presentation

The studio has been super busy recently with various display and presentation work for major product launches, customer private views and trade show events. Most clients are keen on ‘story telling’ and getting the message out behind all the creative research, development and history of the product, and also appreciate showing-off the tactile and structural natural of the textile.