Royal Academy

Royal Academy, London / Sensing Spaces – their new architecture show

How do spaces shape our lives?
How do they make us feel?


Experiencing architecture involves moving within and around it, absorbing its qualities through our bodies and senses. We react, consciously or not, to the characteristics of different materials, vistas, volumes, sounds, spatial relationships and proportions. As well as engaging physically with space, our experience of it also informed by our memories and habits.


Human responses to architecture range from awe to feelings of comfort, safety, pleasure, excitement or unease. We frequently shape the spaces around us - from making dens as children to placing furniture in a living room. Ultimately, architecture connects us to time, place, and people.


This exhibition invites you to explore built space directly. The installations all highlight different aspects of architecture – from manipulation of light, mass and structure to the transformations brought about by use, movement and interaction.


There are seven architectural practices from six countries and continents in this incredible show